Follow Friday: Four GeneaGirls and A Guy In Savannah, GA

Today, me and my brother Bernard, along with my friend and genea-pal Luckie Daniels of , are headed to Savannah, GA to meet up with genea-pals Felicia of and Mavis of and for . What started as a “we should do that” conversation one night on Twitter quickly evolved into a real trip. Luckie and I are in Atlanta; Mavis is driving down from North Carolina, and Felicia is coming from Maryland. Our common bond is our love of genealogy and our passion for uncovering and telling the stories of our ancestors. My brother Bernard doesn’t do genealogy, but is very supportive of me. He quickly hopped on board and agreed to drive Luckie and I down to Savannah. We can sit back, relax, and chat up our ancestors while he takes care of the driving.

We plan to pack a lot into this one weekend. Of course there’s the Expo. Then we plan a tour of Savannah with emphasis on its slave culture, and a trip to a former plantation. We’re also gearing up for a genea-session to tackle some of our brick walls. I can’t pass up the opportunity to pick the brains of some very seasoned African-American researchers. I’m bringing the challenge of my great, great grandfather Miles Taliaferro, a major brick wall. I’m sure Luckie, Felicia, and Mavis will come with ancestor challenges that will keep us analyzing and strategizing for hours. Oh, and don’t forget about all of that great Southern Savannah cuisine. A weekend just couldn’t get any better! Four GeneaGirls and A Guy in Savannah, GA.

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  1. says:

    I’m looking forward to this. I’m so exicted I can hardly contain myself. :)

  2. says:

    How exciting! I hope you guys have a great time, create some good memories and bust down those brick walls!

  3. says:

    Have a great trip. It will be a great experience.
    Swap so me ancestor stories, for sure!

    Keep these ancestor stories coming!


    Author of “13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories”

  4. says:

    Well…. I beg to differ on one point! It could have gotten better if Amy and I could have made it! :) Hope you ladies have a blast. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see the pictures of you all together. :)


  5. says:

    I am sure you all had a wonderful time! Waiting to hear all about it!

  6. Herstoryan says:

    Oh how fun! I am so happy for you all. I can’t wait to hear all about it! :)

  7. says:

    Now that you’ve gone and returned home — was it everything you expected it to be? Inquiry minds wanna know…


  8. says:

    [...] some of the most amazing Women(and I Gentleman) that I know. Luckie of OurGeorgiaRoots, Sandra of I Never knew my Father, Mavis of Georgia Black Crackers, and Sandra’s Brother Bernard decided to get together for [...]

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