2nd Edition, Carnival of African American Genealogy ~ Grandma’s Hand: Grandmothers and Their Influence On The Family

It’s Grandmothers Day at the Carnival of African American Genealogy.  The theme for this 2nd Edition of the CoAAG is Grandma’s Hand: Grandmothers and Their Influence On The Family. We invited you to tell your stories and share memories of your grandmother.  The stories we received pulled at our emotions and warmed our hearts.  They reflect the heart and soul that is in every grandmother.  Grandmothers are the cornerstone and foundations of our families; not just African American families, but all families.  Your stories and memories reflect the truth of that statement.

An array of grandmothers has shown up for this very special event, and the spotlight is shining on them.  A gallery of beautiful images starts this event followed by stories full of love and special memories.  We hope you enjoy this special CoAAG.  It’s all about our Grandmothers.  We are here to honor them.

The and are needed.

Vicky Daviss-Mitchell presents posted at . Vicky makes us laugh, cry, and smile with memories of her grandmother, Essie Dean Taylor.

Felicia Mathis presents Carnival of African American Genealogy: posted at Felicia shares memories of a summer in Chicago with her grandmother Lily.  Felicia’s Grandma Lily always said… “What’s done in the dark, will eventually come to light.”

Luckie Daniels presents posted at .  Luckie shares heartwarming memories of her great grandmother Annie.  Luckie’s Grandma Annie always said… “A cow will need his tail to fan flies for more than one summer.”  Meaning: Don’t worry if someone does you wrong, they will need you again!

Angela Walton-Raji presents posted at .  Angela honors her grandmothers with memories of quilts, sassafras tea, and “play pretties”.

Renate Sanders presents posted at .  Renate takes us on a sentimental journey with tributes to her grandmothers.

Mavis Jones presents posted at .  Mavis takes us on a last visit with her “Little Grandmother” Mary Magdalene Pierce Hosch.

Leslie Ann presents posted at .  Leslie Ann shares memories of her Grandma Piggott, on what would have been her 99th birthday.

Gini Webb presents posted at . Gini shares a beautiful tribute to her Oma who recently passed away in Germany at age ninety-six.  Gini holds dear loving memories and keepsakes from her dear sweet Oma.

Luckie Daniels presents posted at .  Luckie shares the poem written by her brother for their great grandmother’s 100th birthday.

Felicia Mathis presents posted at .  Felicia honors the memory of her NaNa- Odessa Amos.

Drusilla Par aka “Professor Dru” presents posted at .  Professor Dru writes about her memories of homemade biscuits made by her maternal grandmother.

Mavis Jones presents posted at .  Mavis shares special memories of her Grandmother Jones.

Kathleen Brandt presents posted at .  Kathleen shares memories of her grandmother and the beautiful quilt made with pieces from her grandmother’s dresses.

Joann presents posted at .  Joann shares loving and beautiful memories of time spent with her grandmother Ruth – shopping and “French Fryers”- “Great Day!”

Sandra Taliaferro presents Carnival of African American Genealogy, 2nd Edition: Grandma’s Hand ~ Julia Ann (GATES) MIDDLEBROOKS MINTER posted at I Never Knew My Father.  Come with me to Woodbury, GA as I share memories of my maternal grandmother.

Amy Cain presents posted at .  Amy shares memories of her Grandmother Para Lee “a tough-talking, no-nonsense disciplinarian”.

Luckie Daniels presents posted at .  Luckie pulls at our heartstrings with memories of her grandmother “Anbownes”.

Dionne Ford presents posted at . Dionne shares loving memories of her great grandmother Marie- “a perfect picture of composure and grace”.

George Geder presents posted at .  George shares memories of his grandmother, Willa Lenard Hancock.

Darlene presents posted at .  Darlene shares great family memories of living with her Grandma Clara.


CoAAG 3rd Edition ~ They Served With Honor ~ In Memoriam, African-Americans In The Military 1914-1953

Host: Amy Cain of

Military research can yield important genealogical information. Yet, many overlook this valuable resource.  Have you researched military records for your African American ancestors? In your research, what did you find out about their service?  If you have not done any research in military records, this CoAAG presents the perfect opportunity to get started.

For the 3rd Edition of the CoAAG, tell us about your African American ancestor(s) who served in the military and write a post to honor them.  If you don’t have an African American ancestor with military service, but know of one who served honorably make this an occasion to honor that person.

Submissions deadline: 12 May 2010


There are two options:

  • By Submission Form. Use the quick and easy provided by provided by Blog Carnival.
  • By Email. Send an email to the CoAAG at CoAAG2010@gmail.com.  Include your blog name, the post title and permalink URL of your carnival submission.  Make sure to put ‘They Served With Honor’ in your email subject line!

Well, that’s it for this 2nd Edition of the CoAAG. I would say we did our grandmothers proud.  Don’t you agree?  Thank you for supporting the Carnival of African-American Genealogy!  You make it possible…You keep it alive!  See you next time – Wednesday, May 19th – when the 3rd Edition of CoAAG comes to town!

All the best,

** A special “Thank You” to Luckie Daniels for the image gallery, and for her guidance through this process. Your support and assistance were invaluable.

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  1. says:

    San, I’m happy to be the first to tell you what an EXCEPTIONAL job you’ve done with presenting our Grandmothers! I cannot think of safer hands to place the well-being of my 3 beloved Grams and those of our fellow contributors, than with you.

    This CoAAG was very special for me. It brought comfort to my heart at a time when I need it most.

    You kept saying that you didn’t understand why your mind settled on this CoAAG theme. Now we know — it was to provide inspiration for you and comfort for me. I bet its timing is just as divinely perfect and fortifying for our other friends who shared their Grandmas with us ~ that’s how Spirit works.

    Thanks for helping me to remember that I still have LOTS of Grandmother love and support with me today.


  2. says:


    You brought out so many memories for me in this CoAAG. I can’t thank you enough! You have done a “Phenomenal” job with Grandma’s Hands – I love the slide show. What a tribute!!!

    Such wonderful stories shared by everyone…Thanks to all for sharing your memories!


  3. says:

    Thanks so much for a wonderful Carnival. You opened up some memories in me that I had thought I had forgotten abt my Grandmuh Lily and allowed me to share some thoughts abt my NaNa Odessa and me that I carry with me every day. This was such a beautiful Carnival and the way you honored our Grandmothers and their memories has me in tears.

  4. says:


    Thanks so much for bringing our grandmothers together and to life. I met so many wonderful women through your Grandma’s Hands presentation, and the slide show of our grandmothers was an awesome touch!

    Leslie Ann

  5. says:

    Great Carnival theme and participation. Congratulations! I loved the slide show, just beautiful.

  6. says:

    San thank you for hosting this Carnival. You did a wonderful job! I think I’ve cried reading each and every post.

  7. says:


    Right now all these grandmothers are looking down and beaming – and they are blessing you. What a great carnival!

  8. says:

    Thanks so much for this carnival. I love it. Will be reading more later. I wish I knew I could have submitted more than one, but maybe people will view my site and see my Great-Grandma Strader too. I’ve read for too long, and chores and clients are being neglected. Oh well, later, I’ll do some more reading in the hotel room.

  9. says:

    I know late, but I would still like to post this:

    Thank you.

  10. says:

    I have been enjoying reading these posts so much, and there are some here that I had missed. Superb! (And ditto what everyone has said about the slide show.)

  11. says:

    San., You did an amazing carnival honoring our Grandmothers and my Oma! This brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. I have to mirror what Luckie and Thomas and all the rest said. Thank you San and Luckie for giving us all the opportunity to let our grandma’s shine!

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