My 23andMe Results Are In!

In late September, I received a free DNA kit from 23andMe in conjunction with the . Last week, I checked the date my sample was received (October 8th) and assumed it would probably be a few more weeks before I received my results.  Not!! Last night, I opened my email and there it was; a message from 23andMe stating that my results were back.  I was thrilled and quickly logged on to see my results.

My maternal haplogroup is L1c1d.  According to 23andMe, haplogroup L1c originated about 60,000 years ago most likely in western-central Africa and is extremely common among western pygmy populations such as the Biaka and Bakola. Today, this group is particularly common among the forest-dwelling Pygmies and the Bantu-speaking populations of central Africa.

My DNA origins are 80% African, 17% European, and 3% Asian (most likely Native American).

Here is my Ancestry Painting.


The majority of my DNA, 80%, is African.  No surprises there.  The 3% percent Asian, athough a very small percentage, is interesting. This most likely represents Native American ancestry; from my reading this DNA test does not distinguish between Asian and Native American. My brother and I were just speculating about my results last week.  There are stories of some Native American ancestry on my paternal side.  We wondered if any of that would be revealed.  According to my brother and cousins, our paternal grandmother always talked about being part Native American. Honestly, the photo of her, posted here, looks European, rather than Native American. On the other hand, the photo of her mother, , lends some credibility to the family stories.  Or, is it possible that 3% could be “noise”.  What the heck is noise???

I am not sure if the 17% European is coming more from my maternal side or if it is from my paternal side.  Could it be both? Again, looking at the picture of my paternal grandmother, it definitely could be coming from my father.  If I understand correctly, the position of the blue color on the chromosome has something to do with which parent that DNA is coming from. I just don’t know.  Someone help me out here – I need a “chromosome reading”!!

This was my first DNA test.  I am excited about the results even though I don’t fully understand them.  I will be doing a lot of reading and research in the days ahead.

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    My husband got is back last night too. Pretty exciting to get the results even if I’m not sure how to read the particular chromosomes either!

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    yeah! isn’t it fun to start looking at your results :-) . I had my husband’s done first, then my sisters. Last night, mine finally came back. You can see all my blog posts so far about them at . To answer your question about the positioning of the colors – yes, 23andMe represents one parent as the top half in all the chromosomes in the painting and the bottom half is another parent. Looking at your painting, most of the blue colored segments are in the bottom half of each chromosome so then it means that most of your European ancestry comes from one parent more so than the other but the painting alone cannot tell you which one. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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    San, Thanks for sharing your results. You just motivated me to order my test. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time. Your results open up many new questions. I know you will dig until you uncover the answers. Update as you find out more!!

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    San, I’m glad you got a chance to participate in the free kit. I got one and passed it along to one of my younger cousins, since I had already tested the folks. About the statistical noise, last year when I discussed mom’s results with Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak (sp), she said that most AA show about 6% Asian / statistical noise (this was based on the old chip). She said nobody knows why. The reason I contacted her about my results is because mom was twice as much as the statistical noise. Oh, be sure and join DNA Tested African Descendants on Facebook, too.

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